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On-Site Commercial Sharpening

Properly functioning equipment is crucial to the success of any business. Without high-quality blades, your efficiency, morale, and—perhaps most importantly—bottom line are at risk. But with The Finest Edge, you don't have to worry. We provide prompt knife and equipment sharpening to businesses in the Ohio area and beyond.

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Transform Your Blades

Our team uses the state of the art sharpening  machines designed to transform to  dull, aging and damaged blades. We can restore any and all blades back to their former glory including: scissors, shears, food processors and more. We cater to a wide variety of commercial customers. For all questions and for pricing information, please click the Contact Us link at the top and fill out the Contact Form or give us a call.  Once we have all of the necessary information, we'll make an appointment and come directly to your location.

Restaurants/Kitchens:  We have you covered. All work is done on-site in a timely manner. Most visits last 30 minutes to an hour. While I sharpen for you, I provide loaner knives that allow your kitchen to keep functioning with little to no delays! For pricing or to schedule an appointment, click the Contact Us Now link at the top and fill out the form. Or give us a call and see how we can help.  All submissions/emails/voicemails are returned within 24 hours. All  restaurants/kitchen appointments have a minimum requirement of 10 items.

Salons/Barber Shop:  We come right to your place of business. No need to drop your shears off and wait a day or more to get them back. All sharpening is completed same day. Most appointments last about an hour. If you need a pair to use while you wait, we have those too. We are a proud distributor of Scissor Mall, which carry some of the best shears available! If you are looking for a new shear schedule an appointment and we will come with some of our most popular shears.  We carry and a catalog to help you find the perfect fit. Just click the contact us now link at the top to fill out the contact form or simply give us a call.

Knife Manufacturing:  We help you keep up with your growing demand. Utilizing our service for finished edge work, we can help speed up your volume, allowing you to keep up with your growing customer base. Contact us now for pricing and more information! Just click the contact us now link at the top. Fill out the contact form and click submit, or give us a call.

Farms/Greenhouses/Landscaping:  We can provide the desired edge to help you cut/hack/mow and more and for longer periods. Don’t let your dull blades slow down your productivity and bottom lines.